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Baotou Hailiang Science & technology Co. ,Ltd. (Hailiang in short)is one of leading high-perform

Date of publication:2019-11-21 | Number of visits:1873

Baotou Hailiang Science & technology Co. ,Ltd. (Hailiang in short)is one of leading high-performance rare earth polishing powder producers in China. Our products are widely used in LCD screen polishing, touch screen polishing and optical equipment polishing. 

In May 4th , 2009, Hailiang obtained the business license of enterprise legal person, which is issued by the industrial and commercial bureau of Baotou city, Inner Mongolia. The registered capital is fourteen million RMB, and our business scope includes the production and sales of high performance rare earth polishing powder; rare earth products sales; rare earth utilization technology research; photoelectric products, wind power products sales and technical services.

Since its establishment, Hailiang has focused on building high-performance cerium rare earth polishing powder project and actively developing rare earth trade business at the same time. So far, we already got some outstanding achievements. The first phrase of 1000 tons of cerium polishing powder project, which will produce four series and a total of 36 kinds of products, has been put into production. Nowadays, with over 50 employees, Hailiang is consisted of production department, research department, finance department, sales department, and integrated office.